Exclusive from Holland: Gardeli cheese with herbs. A selection of tasteful cheese, available in 20 different varieties! Gardeli is a mild cheese and with the addition of different spices and herbs there is a wide variety of unique flavors! Besides the different flavors of each cheese the colors varies as well due to the use of natural ingredients, giving them an unique color The special combination of cheese with herbs and spices creates a bold taste sensation.

The possibilities are endless. We even develop tailor-made flavor combinations. Many of our customers have specific ideas for a certain flavor combination after which we go out, test and produce the product. Gardeli offers, amongst others, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, red pepper, red and green pesto, lavender, garlic or truffles.

The different colors variations like green, red and even purple, gives that extra touch to Gardeli to be the perfect star on the cheese board for a party or a special evening to indulge yourself. It’s great to enjoy on its own but is perfect with toast or on a sandwich as well.

Our Gardeli assortment